Rubytech 2628 Series

  • Descripción


    • El switch Rubytech 2628-Series L2+ gestionado es un switch Ethernet de próxima generación que ofrece un conjunto completo de funciones L2, incluyendo características avanzadas de L3 como Static Route, que ofrece el mejor rendimiento de costes y coste total de propiedad para redes empresariales con conexiones de fibra o de cobre
    • La serie Rubytech 2628 ofrece 8 puertos RJ45 (10M / 100M / 1G), 2 puertos combo GbE RJ45 / SFP y RJ45. La Serie 2610 de Rubitech ofrece un alto rendimiento de HW y flexibilidad de entorno para pequeñas y medianas empresas
    • La serie Rubytech 2628 es ideal por ofrecer una gestión sencilla, una experiencia de usuario óptima y el menor costo total de propiedad
  • Características Principales

    Características Principales

    • Las funcionalidades L2+ gestionado proporcionand facilidad en la gestión, seguridad robusta y QoS.
    • Servidor DHCP
    • L3 Static Route IPv4 / IPv6
    • Estándar IEEE 802.3az EEE Energy Efficient Ethernet para una Ethernet sostenible
  • Switch Ethernet con múltiples funcionalidades empresariales

    Switch Ethernet con múltiples funcionalidades empresariales

    • El swtich ofrece una funcionalidad avanzada L2+ gestionado, incluyendo capa 3 estática, servidor DHCP, soporte IPv6, LLDP... También cuenta con funciones de seguridad completas, como la protección IP de la fuente y la ACL para proteger su red del acceso no autorizado
    • El switch L2+ gestionado GbE PoE permite al usuario optimizar el coste y el rendimiento, siendo líder del mercado. También roporciona seguridad, confiabilidad y facilidad de uso para implementaciones empresariales / SMB

  • Rubytech GS-2628 X
    • Switch Gestionable L2+.
    • IPv4/IPv6 L3 Rutas Estaticas.
    • QoS y DHCP
    • Total 28 Puertos
    • 24 Puertos RJ45 Giga
    • 4 Puertos Uplink 10 Giga SFP
    rubytech 2628
    Rubytech PSGS-2628 XL (PoE)
    • Switch Gestionable L2+.
    • IPv4/IPv6 L3 Rutas Estaticas.
    • QoS y DHCP
    • Total 28 Puertos
    • 24 Puertos RJ45 Giga
    • 4 Puertos Uplink 10 Giga SFP
    • Potencia 370W
    rubytech 2628
    Rubytech PSGS-2628 XF (PoE)
    • Switch Gestionable L2+.
    • IPv4/IPv6 L3 Rutas Estaticas.
    • QoS y DHCP
    • Total 28 Puertos
    • 24 Puertos RJ45 Giga
    • 4 Puertos Uplink 10 Giga SFP
    • Potencia 740W
    rubytech 2628

    Rubytech GS-2628 X

    PSGS-2628 XL (PoE)

    PSGS-2628 XF (PoE)

    Hardware Performance

    Total Ports




    RJ45 (10M/100M/1G)




    Uplinks (100M/1G)

    4 SFP+

    4 SFP+

    4 SFP+





    Forwarding Capacity




    Switching Capacity

    128 Gbps

    128 Gbps

    128 Gbps

    Mac Table

    32 k

    32 k

    32 k

    Jumbo Frames

    10056 Bytes

    10056 Bytes

    10056 Bytes

    Enviroment Range

    Operating Temperature

    0º to 45º

    0º to 45º

    0º to 45º

    Storage Temperature

    -20º to 70

    -20º to 70

    -20º to 70


    < 3000

    < 3001

    < 3002

    Dimension, Wights and Humidity

    Dimension (WxHxD)

    442 x 44 x 211 mm

    442 x 44 x 211 mm

    442 x 44 x 211 mm





    Operating Humidity

    10% to 90% no-condensing

    10% to 90% no-condensing

    10% to 90% no-condensing

    Voltage and PoE Capacity


    100-240 VAC

    100-240 VAC

    100-240 VAC


    50~60 Hz

    50~60 Hz

    50~60 Hz

    Available PoE Power



    Each of port 1 - 24 support PoE/ PoE+ within available PoE Power


    Each of port 1 - 24 support PoE/ PoE+ within available PoE Power

    Layer 2 Switching

    Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    Standard Spanning Tree 802.1d

    Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) 802.1w

    Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP) 802.1s


    Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) IEEE 802.3ad

    Up to 13 groups

    Up to 4 ports per group


    Supports up to 4K VLANs simultaneously (out of 4096 VLAN IDs)

    Port-based VLAN

    802.1Q tag-based VLAN

    MAC-based VLAN

    Management VLAN

    Private VLAN Edge (PVE)

    Q-in-Q (double tag) VLAN

    Voice VLAN

    GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP)

    DHCP Relay

    Relay of DHCP traffic to DHCP server in different VLAN.

    Works with DHCP Option 82

    IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping

    IGMP limits bandwidth-intensive multicast traffic to only the requesters. 

    Supports 1024 multicast groups

    IGMP Querier

    IGMP querier is used to support a Layer 2 multicast domain of snooping switches in the absence of a multicast router

    IGMP Proxy

    IGMP snooping with proxy reporting or report suppression actively filters IGMP packets in order to reduce load on the multicast router

    MLD v1/v2 Snooping

    Delivers IPv6 multicast packets only to the required receivers

    Layer 3 Switching

    IPv4 Static Routing

    IPv4 Unicast: Static routing

    IPv6 Static Routing

    IPv6 Unicast: Static routing


    Secure Shell (SSH)

    SSH secures Telnet traffic in or out of the switch, SSH v1 and v2 are supported

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

    SSL encrypts the http traffic, allowing advanced secure access to the browser-based management GUI in the switch

    IEEE 802.1X

    IEEE802.1X: RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting, MD5 hash, guest VLAN, single/multiple host mode and single/multiple sessions

     Supports IGMP-RADIUS based 802.1X

     Dynamic VLAN assignment

    Layer 2 Isolation Private VLAN Edge

    PVE (also known as protected ports) provides L2 isolation between clients in the same VLAN. Supports multiple uplinks

    Port Security

    Locks MAC addresses to ports, and limits the number of learned MAC address

    IP Source Guard

    Prevents illegal IP address from accessing to specific port in the switch


    Supports RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication. Switch as a client

    Storm Control

    Prevents traffic on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast, multicast, or unicast storm on a port

    DHCP Snooping

    A feature acts as a firewall between untrusted hosts and trusted DHCP servers


    Supports up to 256 entries. Drop or rate limitation based on:

     Source and destination MAC, VLAN ID or IP address, protocol, port,

     Differentiated services code point (DSCP) / IP precedence

     TCP/ UDP source and destination ports

     802.1p priority

     Ethernet type

     Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets

     TCP flag

    Quality of Service

    Hardware Queue

    Supports 8 hardware queues


    Strict priority and weighted round-robin (WRR)

    Queue assignment based on DSCP and class of service


    Port based

     802.1p VLAN priority based

     IPv4/IPv6 precedence / DSCP based

     Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

     Classification and re-marking ACLs

    Rate Limiting

    Ingress policer

    Egress shaping and rate control

    Per port


    DHCP Server

    Support DHCP server to assign IP to DHCP clients

    Zero Touch Upgrade

    Upgrade single switch automatically when you get notification

    Remote Monitoring (RMON)

    Embedded RMON agent supports RMON groups 1,2,3,9 (history, statistics, alarms, and events) for enhanced traffic management, monitoring and analysis

    Port Mirroring

    Traffic on a port can be mirrored to another port for analysis with a network analyzer or RMON probe. Up to N-1 (N is Switch’s Ports) ports can be mirrored to single destination port. A single session is supported.


    The Universal Plug and Play Forum, an industry group of companies working to enable device-to-device interoperability by promoting Universal Plug and Play


    The industry standard for monitoring high speed switched networks. It gives complete visibility into the use of networks enabling performance optimization, accounting/billing for usage, and defense against security threats

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